SMILE FOREVER is a Registered N.G.O. , Registered under Section 9 (I) of the Haryana Registration and Regulation of Societies Act, 2012  on 25th day of October, 2013 bearing registration no. HR001201300300 .

Aims and objectives :

The objectives, Which are specific to the Society, shall be enumerated bellow. Some of the indicative objective could be as under :

  • To work for the welfare of Poor Children in Panchkula.
  • To create awareness among General Public regarding Blood Donation. Through printed material, Visual Aid.
  • To Educate people regarding EYE DONATION
  • To organize Blood Donation Camps.
  • To help people in organ donation and WHOLE BODY DONATION.
  • To help the poor children in their studies.
  • To Educate people against Female Foeticide.
  • To help people in Eye Donation
  • To purchase take on lease accept as gift or otherwise acquire any land or building which may be necessary or convenient for the purpose of fulfillment  of the aims & objects of the society.
  • To Extend Medical facilities of the needy people of the rural area of the State.
  • To extend help to all charitable works in the state.
  • To function purely on charitable basis to run all its projects.
  • To make such grants as the society may think fit for the uplift of weaker section of the society.
  • To grant scholarship to Brilliant and Needy Students.
  • To do all such other act as may be useful and necessary for attainment of the above objects.
  • The Society will work on charitable base without any profit and loss.


Mr. Ajay Gupta Mr. Atul Garg Mr. Avinder Arora Sh. Satya Parkash
Mrs. Urmil Gupta Smt. Ramrati Devi Mrs. Anju Gupta Mr. Rajiv Kumar
Mrs.Sushma Bansal Dr.Nidhi Bansal CA-Malika Bansal Mrs. Sunita Bansal
Mrs. Pariksha Aggarwal Mr. Rajesh Gupta Mrs. Jyoti Gupta Mr. Dinesh Gupta
Mr.Sharwan Garg Mr. Sanjeev Garg Mrs. Priya Arora Mr. Devansh Gupta
Mr. Sajan Gupta Mr. Mukesh Mittal Mr. Naresh Chauhan Dr. Sonakshi Gupta
Mr. Shubham Bharti Vaishnavi Gupta    




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